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Climate Controlled Storage

When storing items for extended periods of time, it is important to take climate changes into consideration. Our New England weather can create problems for people looking to preserve their household items, furniture, seasonal items, family heirlooms and precious memories, photographs and video tapes. We have facilities that provide you a space just like your home, with controlled temperatures, easy access and monitored security measures.





Unit sizes range from 5 x 10 to 10 x 18.

Call or stop by the office Monday - Friday 8am - 3pm.
We will work with you to find the best fit for your needs - you don't need to pay for space you don't need.

  • From the side of the building, you enter a wide lighted corridor.
  • Units are heated, air conditioned and dehumidified.  Any item you would keep in your home (if you had room) is safe here. 
    • paper products, books
    • fine furniture, antiques, art work
    • clothing, seasonal items
  • Interior and exterior security cameras and lighting
  • We accept cash, checks and credit cards (Master Charge and Visa)
  • Motorcycles are welcome